Walk around London

I had nothing to do yesterday and a return ticket to London is only £8 something for me so I decided to go and have a walk around with my camera. It was a quick day where I didn't stop walking apart from a quick visit to Tesco for lunch.

I got the train to London Victoria and headed north towards Buckingham Palace. The sun was out so it was packed with tourists as expected.

The Palace looked nice but I much prefer the view in the opposite direction through St James's Park of the city. From there I walked up The Mall towards Trafalgar Square.

As a result of the disagreement many people have over how our government is handling the current refugee crisis and war in Syria, there was a march through the centre of London that I crossed paths with.

After I left the march I headed up towards Covent Garden, walking though all the market stalls to see the recent art installation of 100,000 balloons. 

As soon as I left Covent Garden I spotted the first supercar of the day (many more to come) before heading into the British Museum. I spent a while looking around here but apart from the central area it was fairly dark inside the exhibit halls so I didn't take any photos.

After I left the museum I walked through Soho forgetting to take a single picture, to Piccadilly Circus.

I walked through the streets back down to The Mall and across to Knightsbrigde, one of the wealthiest parts of London where my inner 12 year old came out as it's filled with some of the most expensive cars you can buy.

& that's about it for one day, I can't wait to go back and explore in another direction!